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Theatrical release poster
Theatrical release poster

Ang Lihim ni Antonio (English: Antonio's Secret) is a 2008 Philippines film by Filipino film director Joselito Altarejos. It tells the story about teenage boy whose emerging gay sexuality alienates him from his friends and family, until his libertine uncle, Jonbert (Josh Ivan Morales), comes to live with him and his mother. Antonio thinks he has found a kindred spirit, until the older man's intentions toward the boy become incestuous and an act of unthinkable violence leaves the family reeling.[1]


Antonio (Kenji Garcia) is a curious fifteen-year-old boy who is beginning to come to terms with his own sexuality. Although his straight best friend, Mike (Jiro Manio), has been supportive of his coming out, his first sexual conquest has led to the destruction of his friendship with his other best buddy, Nathan (Ferdinand Zandro Salonga).

Antonio’s exploration of his identity unfolds as his family begins to break up. His altruistic mother, Tere (Shamaine Centenera-Buencamino) is in complete denial that his father has already abandoned them.

One day, Antonio’s grandparents arrived at their home bringing in with them, his uncle Jonbert. Jonbert plans to stay at Antonio’s house while he is processing papers for his new work. That day when Antonio, his mother, grandparents and uncle are all sharing meals. Antonio is seen looking at his uncle with sexual malice, and his Uncle Jonbert seems to respond, also looking with confusion. Since then, Antonio temporarily shares his room with his uncle Jonbert (Josh Ivan Morales). Then one rainy night, He sexually touches his uncle while the latter is sleeping. The next day Jonbert tells Antonio that he was aware of what Antonio did, and confessed that he enjoyed it. From then on they regularly masturbate each other and have oral sex, and sometimes sharing sweet gestures when they are alone. However, one day Jonbert wants to anally penetrate Antonio, and rapes him when he declines. His mother arrives and kills Jonbert.



Music of the film is performed by Ajit Hardasani entitled "Awit Para Kay Antonio" (Song for Antonio). Lyrics by Lex Bonife and music by Ajit Hardasani.[2]


It was shot entirely in Marikina City.

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