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A1 Team Switzerland is the Swiss team of A1 Grand Prix, an international racing series. The team were the A1 Grand Prix champions for the third season, 2007-08.


A1 Team Switzerland owner is Max Welti.


In the inaugural season, Team Switzerland were "best of the rest", with a victory and ten podiums, finishing 2nd in the championship.

Team Switzerland lost their competitive edge in 2006-07, with only a single race victory, and finishing 8th in the championship.

After a spectacular 2007–08 season, Neel Jani single-handedly clinched the championship for Team Switzerland, with four victories and seven podiums.

In 2008–09, after having scored 4 wins and 3 other podium finishes, Neel Jani scored a total of 95 points for Team Switzerland. At the end of the season, the team finished second in the championship, 17 points behind the champions, Team Ireland, and just 3 points ahead of Team Portugal.


Rahel Frey and Natacha Gachnang were the two first females to drive an A1 Grand Prix car during a race weekend.

They first drove as test drivers during a test session at Silverstone.[2] Natacha Gachnang drove in the rookie sessions in the 2007-08 Czech round, on October 12, 2007;[3] and Rahel Frey in the 2007-08 Malaysian rookie sessions, on November 23, 2007.[4]

Complete A1 Grand Prix results

(key), "spr" indicates the Sprint Race, "fea" indicates the Feature Race.

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