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"Jacaranda Records"
"Jacaranda Records"

Jacaranda Records is an independent record label in Liverpool, United Kingdom, specialising in Immersive Audio[1].

Headquartered at the Jacaranda Club, the 1958 venue credited with launching The Beatles on their early careers[2], the label also operates live music venues and record stores[3] across the city[4] .


Founded by former UMG Executive Vice President Ray Mia[5], in November 2018 the label announced plans to build a vinyl production press[6] and recording studio[7] in Liverpool, with construction of the company's first immersive audio facility beginning three months later[8].

In 2019, the label signed Spilt (band) and SHARDS on 10 year contracts[9] [10].

Venues & Record Stores

Jacaranda Records operates two live music venues and vinyl record stores in Liverpool.

The Jacaranda (21-23 Slater Street, Liverpool L1 4BW)

Originally opened by Allan Williams in 1958, The Jacaranda provided both rehearsal space and a stage for John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison & Stuart Sutcliffe to perform for the first time as The Silver Beetles. Re-furbished in 2014[11], the 60-year-old music hub still contains murals painted by Sutcliffe & Lennon and continues to operate as a bar, record shop and live music venue.

Jacaranda Phase One (40 Seel Street, Liverpool L1 4BE) Opened to create a larger, 300-capacity live music venue in May 2018, Phase One also contains a cafe bar and vinyl records store with private listening booths[12].


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