• Zarah Leander

    Zarah Leander

    Zarah Leander (15 March 1907 – 23 June 1981) was a Swedish singer and actress whose greatest success was in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and 1940s.

  • Zarah

    Zarah may refer to:

  • Zarah Garde-Wilson

    Zarah Garde-Wilson (born 1978) is an Australian solicitor in Victoria who rose to prominence after she acted for many persons under investigation by Victoria Police in relation to the Melbourne gangland killings of 1998-2006.

  • Fort Zarah

    Fort Zarah was a fort in Barton County, Kansas, northeast of present-day Great Bend, Kansas, that was used from 1864 to 1869.

  • Zarah Razafimahatratra

    Zarah Razafimahatratra

    Zarah Razafimahatratra (born 24 August 1994) is a retired Malagasy tennis player.

  • Zarah Ghahramani

    Zarah Ghahramani (Persian: زهرا قهرمانی‎) is an Iranian -born author living in Australia who wrote My Life as a Traitor , an award-winning memoir of her imprisonment and torture in Evin Prison.

  • Zarah Bash

    Zarah Bash (Persian: زره باش‎, also Romanized as Zarah Bāsh and Zareh Bāsh; also known as Zarabāsh, Zar Bāsh, and Zard Bāsh) is a village in Abharrud Rural District, in the Central District of Abhar County, Zanjan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 406, in 90 families.

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