• Zachris Topelius

    Zachris Topelius

    Zachris Topelius (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈsakːrɪs tɔˈpeːlɪ.ʊs]; 14 January 1818 – 12 March 1898) was a Swedish-speaking Finnish author, poet, journalist, historian, and rector of the University of Helsinki who wrote novels related to Finnish history in Swedish.

  • Helmut Zacharias

    Helmut Zacharias

    Helmut Zacharias (27 January 1920 – 28 February 2002) was a German violinist and composer who created over 400 works and sold 14 million records. He also appeared in a number of films, usually playing musicians.

  • Zacharias Rhetor

    Zacharias of Mytilene (c. 465, Gaza – after 536), also known as Zacharias Scholasticus or Zacharias Rhetor , was a bishop and ecclesiastical historian.

  • Ann Zacharias

    Ann Zacharias (born 19 September 1956) is a Swedish actress. She appeared in fifteen films and television shows between 1971 and 1988. She is the mother of Swedish actress Sascha Zacharias.

  • Zacharias Ferrari

    Zacharias Ferreri or Ferrari (1479–1524) was an Italian monk and papal legate, Latin poet and ecclesiastical writer.

  • Otto Zacharias

    Emil Otto Zacharias (January 27, 1846, Leipzig – October 2, 1916, Kiel ) was a German zoologist, plankton researcher and journalist.

  • Sascha Zacharias

    Sascha Zacharias (Stockholm, 23 February 1979) is a Swedish television and film actress who developed her acting career in Italy.

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