• Yuna

    Yuna is a female given name in Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Breton and Brazilian Portuguese. In France, the name comes from Breton language in Brittany, and is translated "Yvette" in French. In Brazilian Portuguese, it means "dark river", and is derived from Tupi*'y*, water, + un, black. In Korean, depending on the written Hangul, the name can also be romanized as "Yoona" and "Yeonha"..

  • Yūna Inamura

    Yūna Inamura (稲村 優奈, Inamura Yūna, born July 11, 1982) is a Japanese voice actress who is affiliated with AT Production. She was born in Kagoshima Prefecture and grew up in Nakano, Tokyo.

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