• Yochanan Vollach

    Yochanan Vollach

    Yochanan Vollach (Hebrew: יוחנן וולך‎, also Jochanan Wallach or Yohanan Wallach, born May 14, 1945) is an Israeli former footballer. He was a member of the Israeli national team that competed at the 1970 FIFA World Cup. He is a member of the Israeli Football Hall of Fame.

  • Yochanan Sofer

    Yochanan Sofer

    Yochanan Sofer (January 1, 1923 – February 22, 2016) was the Rebbe of the Erlau dynasty,which though not the largest in the number of its adherents is still a significant movement within Haredi Judaism. He was born in Eger (German: Erlau), Hungary, where his father and grandfather served as Grand Rabbis. After surviving the Holocaust, he continued their legacy by founding a yeshiva and a movement in their name, first in Hungary and then a few years later in Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Yochanan Muffs

    Yochanan Muffs (June 3, 1932 - December 6, 2009) was an American professor of the Bible and religion at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.

  • Yochanan Shochet

    Grand Rabbi Yochanan Shochet, is the Loitzker Rebbe. He is the rebbe of a chasidic community in Jerusalem. He is a brother of the rebbe of Stolin. He has followers in Jerusalem, Israel, in Toronto, Ontario, in Lakewood, New Jersey, and across the globe. One of his most noted followers is Rav Yisroel Ingber in Toronto who regularly hosts the rabbi at this home.

  • Yochanan Hasandlar

  • Yochanan ha-sandlar

  • Yochanan ha-sandler

  • Afek, Yochanan

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