• Worm Miller

    Josh Miller (born September 23, 1978), sometimes credited under the alias Worm Miller, is an American writer, director, and actor. He often collaborates with his high school friend Patrick Casey. He is best known for creating the Fox animated series Golan the Insatiable and writing the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog feature film, as well as directing the cult horror-comedy Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! . He is the host and co-founder of the long-running Los Angeles-based horror screening series Friday Night Frights.

  • Lagarfljót Worm

    Lagarfljót Worm

    In Icelandic folklore, the Lagarfljótsormur or Lagarfljót worm is an Icelandic lake monster purported to live in Lagarfljót, a lake by the town of Egilsstaðir. Sightings have been logged since 1345 and continue into the 21st century, including a 2012 video supposedly showing the creature swimming.

  • Trail of the White Worm

    Trail of the White Worm is an audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who . This audio drama was produced by Big Finish Productions.

  • The Worm Ouroboros

    The Worm Ouroboros

    The Worm Ouroboros is a heroic high fantasy novel by English writer Eric Rücker Eddison, first published in 1922. The book describes the protracted war between the domineering King Gorice of Witchland and the Lords of Demonland in an imaginary world that appears mainly medieval and partly reminiscent of Norse sagas. The work is slightly related to Eddison's later Zimiamvian Trilogy, and collectively they are sometimes referred to as the Zimiamvian series.

  • Worm, parcel and serve

    To worm, parcel and serve a line is to apply to standing rigging a multi-layered protection against chafe and deterioration. It is a technique not usually used on modern small boats, but is found extensively on traditionally-rigged sailing ships. Worming, parcelling and serving —referred to collectively as "service"— is traditionally applied only to traditional twisted rope, either natural fiber or steel wire-rope, not the braided line almost exclusively used on modern vessels, but some traditional vessels now use modern high modulus braided lines (like Amsteel or AS-90) in place of wire rope (to save weight aloft) and serve the line to maintain the traditional appearance. It can be applied to the entire length of a line, such as a shroud, or selectively, to specific parts of a line, such as over the spliced ends of a stay, where the chafe on the middle section of the stay precludes complete protection.

  • Assipattle and the Stoor Worm

    Assipattle and the Stoor Worm is an Orcadian folktale relating the battle between the eponymous hero and a gigantic sea serpent known as the stoor worm. The tale was preserved by 19th-century antiquarian Walter Traill Dennison, and retold by another Orcadian folklorist, Ernest Marwick, in a 20th-century version that integrates Dennison's texts with tidbits from other oral storytellers.

  • Tooth worm

    The idea of a tooth worm is an erroneous theory of the cause of dental caries, periodontitis and toothaches. Once widespread, the belief is now obsolete, having been superseded by more scientific rationales. It was supposed that the disease was caused by small worms resident within the tooth, eating it away.

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