• Wolfgang Koeppen

    Wolfgang Arthur Reinhold Koeppen (23 June 1906 – 15 March 1996) was a German novelist and one of the best known German authors of the postwar period.

  • Wolfgang


    Wolfgang is a German male given name traditionally popular in Germany and Austria. The name is a combination of the Old High German words wolf , meaning "wolf", and gang , meaning "path", "journey", "travel". Besides the regular "wolf", the first element also occurs in Old High German as the combining form "-olf". The earliest reference of the name being used was in the 8th century. The name was also attested as "Vulfgang" in the Reichenauer Verbrüderungsbuch in the 9th century, The earliest recorded famous bearer of the name was a tenth-century Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg. Due to the lack of conflict with the pagan reference in the name with Catholicism, it is likely a much more ancient name whose meaning had already been lost by the tenth-century. Grimm (Teutonic Mythology p. 1093) interpreted the name as that of a hero in front of whom walks the "wolf of victory". A Latin gloss by Arnold of St Emmeram interprets the name as Lupambulus.

  • Wolfgang Beltracchi

    Wolfgang Beltracchi (born Wolfgang Fischer on 4 February 1951) is a German art forger and artist who has admitted to forging hundreds of paintings in an international art scam netting millions of euros. Beltracchi, together with his wife Helene, sold forgeries of alleged works by famous artists, including Max Ernst, Heinrich Campendonk, Fernand Léger and Kees van Dongen. Though he was found guilty for forging 14 works of art that sold for a combined $45m (£28.6m), he claims to have faked "about 50" artists. The total estimated profits Beltracchi made from his forgeries surpasses $100m.

  • Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase (born 13 March 1931) is a German screenwriter and film director. He was awarded the Honorary Golden Bear at the 2010 Berlin International Film Festival.

  • Wolfgang Ries

    Wolfgang Ries (born 1968) is an Austrian amateur astronomer, astrophotographer and discoverer of minor planets.

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