• William Waller

    Sir William Waller (c. 1597 – 19 September 1668) was an English Parliamentary general during

  • Bill Waller

    William Lowe Waller Sr. (October 21, 1926 – November 30, 2011) was an American politician

  • William Walker (filibuster)

    William Walker (May 8, 1824 – September 12, 1860) was an American physician, lawyer, journalist

  • Battle of Britain

    The Battle of Britain (German: die Luftschlacht um England, "the Air Battle for England") was a military campaign of the Second World War, in which the Royal Air Force (RAF) defended the United Kingdom (UK) against large-scale attacks by Nazi Germany's air force, the Luftwaffe. It has been described as the first major military campaign fought entirely by air forces. The British officially recognise the battle's duration as being from 10 July until 31 October 1940, which overlaps the period of large-scale night attacks known as the Blitz, that lasted from 7 September 1940 to 11 May 1941.German historians do not accept this subdivision and regard the battle as a single campaign lasting from July 1940 to June 1941, including the Blitz.

  • William Waller (informer)

    Sir William Waller (c.1639 – 18 July 1699) was an English justice and politician from Middlesex. He

  • Bill Waller Jr.

    William Lowe Waller Jr. (born February 9, 1952) served on the Supreme Court of Mississippi for 21

  • William Walker


  • List of Alamo defenders

    The Battle of the Alamo (February 23 – March 6, 1836) was a crucial conflict of the Texas Revolution. In 1835, colonists from the United States joined with Tejanos (Mexicans born in Texas) in putting up armed resistance to the centralization of the Mexican government. President Antonio López de Santa Anna and the government in Mexico City believed the United States had instigated the insurrection with a goal of annexing Texas.

  • William Walker, 1st Baron Wavertree

    William Hall Walker, 1st Baron Wavertree (25 December 1856 – 2 February 1933) was a British

  • Walter William LaChance

    Walter William LaChance (1870–1951) was a Canadian architect best known for his designs of rural

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