• McGillivray, William

  • William McGillivray

    William McGillivray

    Lt.-Colonel The Hon. William McGillivray (1764 – October 16, 1825), of Chateau St. Antoine, Montreal, was a Scottish -born fur trader who succeeded his uncle as the last chief partner of the North West Company. He was elected a member of the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada and afterwards was appointed to the Legislative Council of Lower Canada. In 1795, he was inducted as a member into the Beaver Club. During the War of 1812 he was given the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Corps of Canadian Voyageurs. He owned substantial estates in Scotland, Lower and Upper Canada. His home in Montreal was one of the early estates of the Golden Square Mile. McGillivray Ridge in British Columbia is named for him. []

  • William A. McGillivray

    William Alexander McGillivray (October 14, 1918 – December 16, 1984) was a lawyer, jurist, and a Chief Justice of Alberta, Canada.

  • MacGillivray, William

  • William MacGillivray

    William MacGillivray

    William MacGillivray FRSE (25 January 1796 – 4 September 1852) was a Scottish naturalist and ornithologist.

  • William MacGillivray (politician)

    William MacGillivray (14 December 1891 – 15 November 1975) was an Australian politician. He was an independent member of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1938 to 1956, representing the electorate of Chaffey .

  • William Macgillivray (politician)

  • William D. MacGillivray

    William D. MacGillivray (born May 24, 1946 in St. John's, Newfoundland ) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter.

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