• Willem Drees

    Willem Drees

    Willem Drees Sr. (Dutch pronunciation ; 5 July 1886 – 14 May 1988) was a Dutch politician of the defunct Social Democratic Workers' Party (SDAP) and later co-founder of the Labour Party (PvdA) and historian who Prime Minister of the Netherlands from 7 August 1948 until 22 December 1958.

  • Willem Drees, Jr.

    Willem Drees, Jr.

    Willem "Wim" Drees Jr. (24 December 1922 – 5 September 1998) was a Dutch politician of the Democratic Socialists '70 (DS'70) party and economist.

  • Willem B. Drees

    Willem Bernard "Wim" Drees (born 20 April 1954) is a Dutch philosopher. He is the editor-in-chief of Zygon, Journal of Religion & Science. As of 1 November 2014 he is a humanities professor of philosophy at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

  • Willem Dreeslaan RandstadRail station

    Willem Dreeslaan RandstadRail station

    Willem Dreeslaan is a RandstadRail station in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.

  • Willem


    Willem (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈʋɪləm]) is a Dutch and West Frisian masculine given name. The name is Germanic, and can be seen as the Dutch equivalent of the name William in English, Guillaume in French, Guilherme in Portuguese, Guillermo in Spanish and Wilhelm in German. Nicknames that are derived from Willem are Jelle, Pim, Willie, Willy and Wim.

  • Willem 's Gravesande

    Willem 's Gravesande

    Willem Jacob 's Gravesande (26 September 1688 – 28 February 1742) was a Dutch mathematician and natural philosopher, chiefly remembered for developing experimental demonstrations of the laws of classical mechanics. As professor of mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy at Leiden University, he helped to propagate Isaac Newton's ideas in Continental Europe.

  • Willem Kroesbergen

    Willem Kroesbergen (born 1943 in The Netherlands) has been a harpsichord builder for over 40 years. His instruments have been used by many important soloists and ensembles, including Ton Koopman, Masaaki Suzuki and his Bach Collegium Japan and Reinhard Goebel's Musica Antiqua Köln. In 1991 he was awarded the Casper Hogenbijl Prize for his contribution to international early music. In 2007 he retired and moved to Cape Town in South Africa. After his retirement he did research on temperaments well known and in use during J.S. Bach's life.

  • Willem Arnold Alting

    Willem Arnold Alting

    Willem Arnold Alting (11 November 1724 – 7 June 1800) was a Dutch colonial administrator who served as Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies from 1780 to 1797.

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