• Willard Price

    Willard DeMille Price (28 July 1887 – 14 October 1983) was a Canadian-born American traveller, journalist and author.

  • Price, Willard DeMille

  • List of villains in Willard Price's Adventure series

    Each novel in Willard Price's Adventure Series is notable for its selection of memorable villains, whose actions sabotage the animal-collecting efforts of young adventurers Hal and Roger Hunt. To date, only one character, the despicable "Reverend" Merlin Kaggs, has appeared as a villain in more than one Hunt adventure. (Joro appears in multiple books, but only acts as a villain in one.)

  • Willard Price's Adventure series

    The "Adventure" series is a collection of children's adventure novels by Canadian-born American author Willard Price. The fourteen-book series chronicles the exploits of budding teenage zoologists Hal and Roger Hunt, as they travel around the world capturing exotic and dangerous animals for their father's wildlife collection.

  • Willard

    Willard may refer to:

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