• Georg Wilhelm von Siemens

    Georg Wilhelm von Siemens (30 July 1855, Berlin – 14 October 1919, Arosa, Switzerland ) was a German telecommunications industrialist of the Siemens family.

  • Wilhelm von Gloeden

    Wilhelm von Gloeden

    Wilhelm Iwan Friederich August Freiherr von Gloeden (September 16, 1856 – February 16, 1931) was a German photographer who worked mainly in Italy. He is mostly known for his pastoral nude studies of Sicilian boys, which usually featured props such as wreaths or amphoras suggesting a setting in the Greece or Italy of antiquity. From a modern standpoint, his work is commendable due to his controlled use of lighting as well as the often elegant poses of his models. His innovations include the use of photographic filters and special body makeup (a mixture of milk, olive oil, and glycerin) to disguise skin blemishes.

  • Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve

    Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve

    Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve (Russian: Василий Яковлевич Струве, trans. Vasily Yakovlevich Struve; 15 April 1793 – 23 November O.S. 11 November] 1864) was a German-Russian astronomer and geodesist from the famous Struve family. He is best known for studying double stars and for initiating a triangulation survey later named Struve Geodetic Arc in his honor.

  • Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm von Lutzow

  • Wilhelm von Tegetthoff

    Wilhelm von Tegetthoff

    Wilhelm von Tegetthoff (23 December 1827 – 7 April 1871) was an Austrian admiral. He commanded the fleet of the North Sea during the Second Schleswig War of 1864, and the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. He is often considered one of the best naval officers of the 19th century, due to his tactical inventiveness, sense of command, and inspirational leadership.

  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing

    Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing

    Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing (22 April 1873, Potsdam – 12 January 1956, Oberaudorf am Inn ) was a German Egyptologist. He was the son of Prussian general Moritz Ferdinand von Bissing (1844–1917). He studied classical philology, archaeology, Egyptology and art history in Bonn and Berlin, obtaining his doctorate in 1896 with the thesis "De tabula quam dicunt statistica Tuthmosis III commentatio". After graduation, he spent considerable time in Egypt, performing museum and excavatory work. He was instrumental towards the development of the "General catalog" of the Cairo Museum (Catalogue général des antiquités Egyptiennes du Musée du Caire), and with Ludwig Borchardt, conducted an archaeological excavation of the Sun Temple of Nyuserre Ini at Abu Gurab.

  • Wilhelm von Homburg

    Norbert Grupe (August 25, 1939 – March 10, 2004), better known outside Germany by his stage name Wilhelm von Homburg, was a German wrestler, boxer, and actor, best known for his portrayal of Vigo in the film Ghostbusters II .

  • Wilhelm von Bode

    Wilhelm von Bode

    Wilhelm von Bode (10 December 1845 – 1 March 1929) was a German art historian and museum curator. Born Arnold Wilhelm Bode in Calvörde, he was ennobled in 1913. He was the creator and first curator of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum, now called the Bode Museum in his honor, in 1904.

  • Wilhelm von Kobell

    Wilhelm von Kobell (6 April 1766 – 15 July 1853) was a German painter, printmaker and teacher.

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