• Walter Rodney

    Walter Rodney

    Walter Anthony Rodney (23 March 1942 – 13 June 1980) was a prominent Guyanese historian, political activist and academic. He was assassinated in 1980.

  • Walter Rooney

    Waldamar Joseph "Walter" Rooney (February 13, 1888 – April 9, 1965) was a professional ice hockey player centre for the Quebec Bulldogs. He helped Quebec win the Stanley Cup in 1912. In 1913, Rooney was dressed for Quebec as a spare, but did not play any games. However, he was featured on the Stanley Cup winning picture with the rest of the Bulldogs team.

  • Splash Zone Water Park

  • Python (Splash Zone Water Park)

  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation in Sidama Zone of SNNPR

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