• W H Grattan Flood

  • W. H. Grattan Flood

    W. H. Grattan Flood

    William Henry Grattan Flood (baptised 1 November 1857 – 6 August 1928) was a noted Irish author, composer, musicologist, and historian. As a writer and ecclesiastical composer, his personal contributions to Irish music produced enduring works, although he is regarded today as controversial due to the inaccuracy of some of his work. As a historian, his output was prolific on topics of local and national historical or biographical interest.

  • Wm. H. Grattan Flood

  • W. H. Watt Building

    W. H. Watt Building

    The W. H. Watt Building, located at 120 N. Main St. in Hailey, Idaho, is a historic building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Grattan Flood

  • William Grattan Flood

  • Jack W. Hill

    Jack Warner Hill (1928–1987) was a member of the United States Marine Corps who bears the distinction of holding Marine Corps enlisted service number one million (1,000,000). Hill served a total of two enlistments in the Marine Corps, one during World War II, resulting in a discharge due to lying about this age upon enlistment (similar to Calvin Graham ), and the other briefly before the outbreak of the Korean War. After his military service, Hill lived until 1987; where he was killed in an automobile accident.

  • Henry W. Thompson

    Henry W. Thompson

    Henry William Thompson (2 March 1839 – 21 September 1906) was a sailor, ship's chandler and politician in the State of South Australia.

  • USS Harry W. Hill

    USS Harry W. Hill

    Harry W. Hill, named for Admiral Harry W. Hill USN, was a Spruance-class destroyer built by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries at Pascagoula, Mississippi.

  • Henry W. Smith House

    Henry W. Smith House

    Henry W. Smith House is a historic home located in Clay Township, Indiana. It was built in 1859, and is a two-story, brick dwelling on a fieldstone foundation. While primarily Italianate in style, the house incorporates elements of Federal, Gothic Revival, and Greek Revival styles. It has a steep cross-gable and features a front porch with Tuscan order columns. []

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