• Vinton Cerf

    Vinton Cerf

    Vint Cerf is a living legend in the tech world.

  • Vinton

    Vinton may refer to:

  • Frederic Porter Vinton

    Frederic Porter Vinton

    Frederic Porter Vinton (January 29, 1846 – May 19, 1911), sometimes spelled "Frederick", was an American portrait painter.

  • Love Songs (Bobby Vinton album)

    Love Songs is a low-budget collection of previously recorded songs by Bobby Vinton for Epic Records. Five of the songs were previously released as singles, while the remaining five were album tracks. This collection contains only one of Vinton's #1 American pop hits, " There! I've Said It Again ". The version of "The End of the World" is a re-recorded version that Vinton made in 1972; he had previously recorded it in 1967.

  • Fort Vinton

    Fort Vinton, also known as "Post #2", was a small Florida military outpost that existed from 1839 to 1858. Location of the fort is approximately a mile south of highway 60 near 122nd Avenue.

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