• Vera Chapman

    Vera Chapman (8 May 1898 – 14 May 1996), also known as Vera Ivy May Fogerty, and within the Tolkien Society as Belladonna Took, was an author and founder of the Tolkien Society in the United Kingdom, and also wrote a number of pseudo-historical and Arthurian books. She held the title of Pendragon of The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids from 1964 - 1991.

  • Vera Cordeiro

    Vera Cordeiro (born 1950 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ) is a social entrepreneur and physician.

  • Vera Lengsfeld

    Vera Lengsfeld (Sondershausen, East Germany, 4 May 1952) is a German politician. She was a prominent civil rights activist in East Germany and after the German reunification she first represented the Alliance '90/The Greens and then the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in the Bundestag.

  • Vera Ivanko

    Vera Ivanko

    Vera Ivanko ( Russian : Вера Алексеевна Иванко ; 2 September 1993 - 25 November 2013) was a Russian actress.

  • Vera Songwe

    Vera Songwe is an Economist and Banking executive from Cameroon who has worked for the World Bank since 1998, and in 2015 became Western and Central Africa's regional director for the International Finance Corporation. Vera Songwe is the first woman to head the U.N.s Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) at the level of Under Secretary-General.

  • Justin de Vera

    Justin de Vera (born November 28, 1989) is a dancer.

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