• Vassily Ivanchuk

    Vassily Ivanchuk

    Vassily Mykhaylovych Ivanchuk (Ukrainian: Василь Михайлович Іванчук; born March 18, 1969) is a Ukrainian chess player. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE in 1988. A leading player since 1988, Ivanchuk has been ranked at No. 2 on the FIDE world rankings three times (July 1991, July 1992, October 2007).

  • Vassily Sigarev

    Vassily Vladimirovich Sigarev (Russian: Васи́лий Владимирович Си́гарев, born 11 January 1977, Upper Salda, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Soviet Union ) is a Russian playwright, screenwriter and film director. His plays Plasticine, Black Milk and Ladybird were first produced in the West by the Royal Court Theatre, in 2002, 2003 and 2004, respectively. In 2002, Sigarev was named the winner of the Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright given out by the Evening Standard for Plasticine.

  • Vassily Brandt

    Karl Wilhelm (Vasily Georgievich) Brandt (1869–1923) was a Russian trumpeter, pedagogue, and composer.

  • Vassily Buslayev

    Vasily Buslayev is a Novgorod character of the Bogatyr epics. According to S.A. Azbelev there are 53 Bogatyr epics, Vasily is the protagonist of three, numbers 40, 41 and 42: “Vasily Buslayev and the People of Novgorod”, “Vasily Buslayev's Journey” and “The Death of Vasily Buslayev.”

  • Vassily Yakusha

  • Vassily Gelmersen

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