• Varahagiri, Venkata Giri

  • Girish

    Girish (also spelled as Gireesh) is a Hindu name which means "lord of the mountain " in Sanskrit ("giri" means rock/mountain and "isha" means shiva). This is a name of Lord Shiva, given because of his abode in the Himalayan Mountains.

  • Girifalco


    Girifalco is a comune and town in the province of Catanzaro in the Calabria region of southern Italy.

  • Giriraja

    Giriraja is a breed of chicken developed by Karnataka Veterinary, Animal, and Fishery Sciences University in Bangalore, India. This breed is also called as Bonda Chicken (Bonda is a round snack deep fried in oil, made out of Besan flour)

  • Girisagar

    Girisagar is a village in the southern state of Karnataka, India. It is located in the Bilagi taluka of Bagalkot district in Karnataka.

  • Girija

    Girija (Giri + Ja) means Parvati in Sanskrit, daughter of Himalaya and may refer to:

  • Girik

    Girik is a village and municipality in the Qusar Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 1,196.

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