• Unita Blackwell

    Unita Blackwell

    Unita Zelma Blackwell (March 18, 1933 – May 13, 2019) was an American civil rights activist who was the first African American woman to be elected mayor in the U.S. state of Mississippi. Blackwell was a project director for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and helped organize voter drives for African Americans across Mississippi. She was also a founder of the US China Peoples Friendship Association, a group dedicated to promoting cultural exchange between the United States and China. Barefootin', Blackwell's autobiography, published in 2006, charts her activism.

  • Unitax

    Unitax ("unified national indirect taxation") is a system of national revenue (complemented by ulitax - "unified local indirect taxation") based on non-monetary, energy value, units of assessment. Thus a revenue of £x or $y per gigajoule of primary energy entering any given economy can phase out all other taxes and raise revenue which is continuously, automatically and with hardly any paperwork, geared to standard of living, income and property. Essential safeguards are outlined in the "Resource Economics Proposition".

  • Unitan

    Unitan may refer to:

  • Unitary

    Unitary may refer to:

  • Unital

    Unital may refer to:

  • Unitarian

    Unitarian or Unitarianism may refer to:


    UNITAS are sea exercises and in-port training involving several countries in North, South and Central America, conducted by the United States since 1959 in support of U.S. policy.

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