• Vietnam War in film

    This article lists notable films related to the Vietnam War.

  • Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam

    The Detroit Committee to End the War in Vietnam was the citywide anti-war organization that mobilized numerous actions in Detroit, United States between 1965 and 1972(?) and helped bring thousands of people to mass protests in Washington, D.C. Often there was internal conflict over slogans and politics within the group between social democrats, members of Students for a Democratic Society, and the Socialist Workers Party, which finally gained ascendency.

  • War in Vietnam (1945–46)

    War in Vietnam (1945–46)

    The War in Vietnam, codenamed Operation Masterdom by the British, and also known as Nam Bộ kháng chiến (English: Southern Resistance War) by the Vietnamese, was a post–World War II armed conflict involving a largely British-Indian and French task force and Japanese troops from the Southern Expeditionary Army Group, versus the Vietnamese communist movement, the Viet Minh, for control of the southern half of the country, after the unconditional Japanese surrender.

  • War in Vietnam (1959–63)

    War in Vietnam (1959–63)

    The 1959 to 1963 phase of the Vietnam War started after the North Vietnamese had made a firm decision to commit to a military intervention in the guerrilla war in the South Vietnam, a buildup phase began, between the 1959 North Vietnamese decision and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which led to a major US escalation of its involvement. Vietnamese communists saw this as a second phase of their revolution, the US now substituting for the French.

  • War in Vietnam (1954–59)

    War in Vietnam (1954–59)

    The 1954 to 1959 phase of the Vietnam War was the era of the two nations. Coming after the First Indochina War, this period resulted in the military defeat of the French, a 1954 Geneva meeting that partitioned Vietnam into North and South, and the French withdrawal from Vietnam, leaving the Republic of Vietnam regime fighting a communist insurgency with USA aid. During this period, North Vietnam recovered from the wounds of war, rebuilt nationally, and accrued to prepare for the anticipated war. In South Vietnam, Ngô Đình Diệm consolidated power and encouraged anti-communism. This period was marked by U.S. support to South Vietnam before Gulf of Tonkin, as well as communist infrastructure-building.

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