• Sweden

    Sweden (Swedish: Sverige [ˈsvæ̌rjɛ] ()), officially the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket

  • Berlin

    . The city is one of Germany's 16 federal states. It is surrounded by the state of Brandenburg

  • Kingdom of Prussia

    name from the region called Prussia, it was based in the Margraviate of Brandenburg, where its capital was Berlin.

  • West Pomeranian Voivodeship

    Pomerania and Brandenburg to the west, and the Baltic Sea to the north. Its capital and largest city

  • Finland

    , between Sweden to the west, Russia to the east, Estonia to the south, and north-eastern Norway

  • Brandenburg

    Brandenburg (, also US: , German: [ˈbʁandn̩bʊʁk] (); Low German: Brannenborg; Lower Sorbian

  • Denmark

    , Denmark lies southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and is bordered to the south by Germany

  • Estonia

    to the north by the Gulf of Finland with Finland on the other side, to the west by the Baltic Sea with Sweden

  • Lubusz Voivodeship

    Poland and Lusatia. Until 1945, it mainly formed the Neumark within the Prussian Province of Brandenburg.

  • Stockholm

    of Sweden. 972,647 people live in the municipality, approximately 1.6 million in the urban area

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