• Eduardo Gonçalves de Andrade

  • Filipe Joaquim Gonçalves Andrade Ponce de Leão

    Filipe Joaquim Gonçalves Andrade Ponce de Leão (born 13 November 1983 in Lisboa, Portugal) is a professional footballer and a national of Portugal.

  • Filipe Joaquim Gonçalves Andrade Ponce de Leão

  • Mário de Andrade

    Mário de Andrade

    Mário Raul de Morais Andrade (October 9, 1893 – February 25, 1945) was a Brazilian poet, novelist, musicologist, art historian and critic, and photographer. One of the founders of Brazilian modernism, he virtually created modern Brazilian poetry with the publication of his Paulicéia Desvairada (Hallucinated City) in 1922. He has had an enormous influence on modern Brazilian literature, and as a scholar and essayist—he was a pioneer of the field of ethnomusicology —his influence has reached far beyond Brazil.

  • Francisco de Andrade

    Francisco de Andrade

    Francisco Rebello de Andrade (born 15 July 1923) is a retired Portuguese sailor. He won a bronze medal in the Star class at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, together with Joaquim Fiúza.

  • Magno de Andrade

    Magno Aparecido de Andrade (born 28 June 1987 in Lavras), commonly known as Magal, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for FC Juárez as a left back.

  • Mario de Andrade Library

  • William Amaral de Andrade

    William Amaral de Andrade (born 27 December 1967), known simply as William, is a Brazilian retired footballer who played as a central defender, and is a manager.

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