• Forward (association football)

    . Modern team formations generally include one to three forwards; for example, the common 4–2–3–1

  • Queens Park Rangers F.C.

    current location at Loftus Road, renamed Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium at the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

  • Rosids

    70,000 species, more than a quarter of all angiosperms. The clade is divided into 16 to 20 orders

  • Eastern European Summer Time

    Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) is one of the names of UTC+03:00 time zone, 3 hours ahead

  • Colchester United F.C.

    . They relocated to the stadium in 2008 when they moved away from Layer Road, their home stadium for 71 years.

  • Moscow

    within the urban area and 20 million within the metropolitan area. Moscow is one of Russia's federal cities.

  • Screenwriter

    practices the craft of screenwriting, writing screenplays on which mass media, such as films, television programs and video games, are based.

  • Atlantic Records

    founded in October 1947 by Ahmet Ertegün and Herb Abramson. Over its first 20 years of operation

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.

    years, by virtue of finishing in seventh place in the 2018–19 Premier League, their first season in the top tier since the 2011–12 season.

  • Action game

    coordination and reaction-time. The genre includes a large variety of sub-genres, such as fighting games

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