• Tibor Sekelj

    Tibor Sekelj

    Tibor Sekelj (14 February 1912 – 20 September 1988), also known as Székely Tibor according to Hungarian orthography, was a Hungarian born polyglot, explorer, author, and 'citizen of the world.' In 1986 he was elected a member of the Academy of Esperanto and an honorary member of the World Esperanto Association. Among his novels, travel books and essays, his novella Kumeŭaŭa, la filo de la ĝangalo ("Kumewawa, the son of the jungle"), a children's book about the life of Brazilian Indians, was translated into seventeen languages, and in 1987 it was voted best Children's book in Japan. In 2011 European Esperanto Union declared 2012 "The Year of Tibor Sekelj" to honor the 100-year anniversary of his birth.

  • Tibor

    Tibor is a masculine given name found throughout Europe.

  • Tibor Tobak

    Tibor Tobak (1922 – 2001) was a World War II fighter pilot serving in the 3rd squadron of Hungarian 101. Honi Légvédelmi Vadászrepülő Osztály, who survived the war with two serious injuries and 4 confirmed and one uncorfirmed aerial victories. Shortly after the fall of communist rule he wrote a 300-page novel based on his notes, diaries and preserved personal letters. The 1991 book titled "Pumas on the ground and in the air" was praised for style, thrill, as well as day-by-day documentary accuracy. It was subsequently translated to and published in German and French languages after three Hungarian editions.

  • Tibor Radó

    Tibor Radó

    Tibor Radó (June 2, 1895 – December 29, 1965) was a Hungarian mathematician who moved to the United States after World War I.

  • Tibor Heinrich von Omorovicza

    Tibor Heinrich von Omorovicza

    Tibor Heinrich von Omorovicza was a sailor and ice hockey player from Hungary, who represented his country at the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, Netherlands and the 1928 Winter Olympics in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

  • Tibor Czorba

    Tibor Czorba (1906 in Szepesváralja – September 5, 1985 in Warsaw ) was a Hungarian artist.

  • Tibor Tisza

    Tibor Tisza

    Tibor Tisza (born 10 November 1984) is a Hungarian footballer.

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