• Thomas Harrison

    Thomas Harrison and other first name or spelling variants may refer to:

  • Harrison Thomas

    Harrison Thomas

    Harrison Thomas is an American football player from Clearwater, Florida who plays as an outside linebacker.

  • Thomas Harrison (architect)

    Thomas Harrison (architect)

    Thomas Harrison (7 August (baptised) 1744 – 29 March 1829) was an English architect and bridge engineer who trained in Rome, where he studied classical architecture. Returning to England, he won the competition in 1782 for the design of Skerton Bridge in Lancaster. After moving to Lancaster he worked on local buildings, received commissions for further bridges, and designed country houses in Scotland. In 1786 Harrison was asked to design new buildings within the grounds of Lancaster and Chester castles, projects that occupied him, together with other works, until 1815. On both sites he created accommodation for prisoners, law courts, and a shire hall, while working on various other public buildings, gentlemen's clubs, churches, houses, and monuments elsewhere. His final major commission was for the design of Grosvenor Bridge in Chester.

  • Thomas Harrison (translator)

    Thomas Harrison (1555, London – 1631) was an English Puritan scholar, a Vice-Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and one of the translators for the King James Version of the Bible.

  • Thomas Harrison Provenzano

    Thomas Harrison Provenzano

    Thomas Harrison Provenzano (June 6, 1949 – June 21, 2000) was a convicted murderer executed by means of lethal injection by the state of Florida. Provenzano believed he was Jesus Christ and also compared his execution with Christ's crucifixion.

  • Thomas Harrison (cyclist)

    Thomas Harrison (born 13 May 1942) is a former Australian cyclist. He competed in the men's sprint at the 1964 Summer Olympics.

  • Thomas Harrison (general)

    Thomas Harrison (general)

    Thomas Harrison (May 1, 1823 – July 14, 1891) was a Confederate States Army brigadier general during the American Civil War. He had a law practice in Waco, Texas after moving to Texas in 1843. He was a Mexican–American War veteran and Texas state legislator before the war. After the war, he was a district judge at Waco and was a Democratic Party politician and Presidential elector.

  • Henry Thomas Harrison

    Henry Thomas Harrison

    Henry Thomas Harrison (April 23, 1832 – October 28, 1923), often known simply as "Harrison", was a spy for Confederate Lt. Gen. James Longstreet during the American Civil War. He is best known for the information he gave Longstreet and Gen. Robert E. Lee in the Gettysburg Campaign, which resulted in Lee converging on Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, thus causing the Battle of Gettysburg.

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