• Thomas Chaloner

    Thomas Chaloner is the name of:

  • Chaloner, Thomas

  • Thomas Chaloner (statesman)

    Sir Thomas Chaloner (1521 – 14 October 1565) was an English statesman and poet.

  • Thomas Chaloner (naturalist)

    Thomas Chaloner (floruit 1584) was an English naturalist. He was the son of John Chaloner, Irish secretary of state during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, (who was himself the son of John Chaloner, an earlier Tudor statesman). Thomas was therefore first cousin to Sir Thomas Chaloner who became Governor of the Courtly College (for the maintenance of the household of Prince Henry, son of James I ), with whom he is often confused or conflated.

  • Thomas Chaloner, 2nd Baron Gisborough

    Thomas Weston Peel Long Chaloner, 2nd Baron Gisborough (6 May 1889 – 11 February 1951) was an English landowner, soldier and Peer.

  • Thomas Chaloner (disambiguation)

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