• Thomas Alexander Browne

    Thomas Alexander Browne (6 August 1826 – 11 March 1915) was an Australian author who published many of his works under the pseudonym Rolf Boldrewood. He is best known for his 1882 bushranging novel Robbery Under Arms .

  • Alexander Thomas

    Alexander Thomas may refer to:

  • Thomas Alexander

    Thomas Alexander may refer to:

  • Alexander, Thomas

  • Thomas, Alexander

  • Thomas Alexander Irvine

    Colonel Thomas Alexander Irvine DSO TD DL (24 June 1907 – 5 May 1963) was a Scottish career soldier and former Commander of the 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, leading the capture of Mandalay, Burma, during World War II.

  • Alexander Thomas Augusta

    Alexander Thomas Augusta

    Alexander Thomas Augusta (March 8, 1825 – December 21, 1890) was a surgeon, veteran of the American Civil War, and the first black professor of medicine in the United States. After gaining his medical education in Toronto in the Province of Canada, from 1850 to 1856, he set up a practice there. He returned to the United States shortly before the start of the American Civil War.

  • James Thomas Alexander

    James Thomas Alexander

    James Thomas Alexander (August 25, 1888 – January 16, 1952) was a United States Navy captain who served as the 37th naval governor of Guam. He served as a commanding officer of ships during both World War I and World War II, receiving the Navy Cross for his actions during the First World War. He was an outspoken advocate for increase naval power and bases to improve American defensive networks. As governor, he improved the defenses of Guam by building additional military facilities, dredging the Apra Harbor, increasing the officers on the island, and building a sea wall.

  • Alexander Thomas Embury

    Alexander Thomas Embury (12 January 1874 – 19 July 1956) was a Conservative member of the House of Commons of Canada. He was born in Lennox County, Ontario and became a physician.

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