• Theodul Glacier

    Theodul Glacier

    The Theodul Glacier (also spelled Theodule Glacier; German: Theodulgletscher) is a glacier of the Alps, located south of Zermatt in the canton of Valais. It lies on the Swiss side of the Pennine Alps, although its upper basin touches the Italian region of the Aosta Valley. The glacier descends from the west side of the Breithorn (4,164 metres (13,661 ft)) and splits into two diverging branches above Gandegg: the Upper Theodul Glacier (Oberer Theodulgletscher), spilling on a high plateau near Trockener Steg, together with the Furgg Glacier, and the Lower Theodul Glacier (Unterer Theodulgletscher), reaching a height of about 2,500 metres (8,202 ft) above the Gorner Glacier. Both branches are part of the Rhone basin, through the rivers Gornera, Mattervispa, and Vispa. Slightly above the glacier splitting is the Theodul Pass, crossing the border between Switzerland and Italy, and connecting Zermatt to Breuil-Cervinia. On the west, the Theodul Glacier is overlooked by the Matterhorn.

  • Johan Theorin

    Johan Theorin is a journalist and author, born in 1963 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Throughout his life, Johan Theorin has been a regular visitor to the island of Öland in the Baltic sea. His mother’s family–sailors, fishermen and stone cutters–have lived there for centuries, nurturing the island’s legacy of supernatural tales and folklore.

  • Osborne Theomun Olsen

    Osborne Theomun Olsen

    Osborne Theomun Olsen (June 9, 1883 – January 9, 1971) was the owner of Osborne Art Studios in Chicago, Illinois, which existed from 1910 to 1973.

  • Daniel Theorin

    Daniel Theorin

    Bo Daniel Theorin (born 4 August 1983) is a retired Swedish footballer, who played as a defender.

  • Eclogue of Theodulus

    The Eclogue of Theodulus was a Latin verse dialogue, which became a standard school text of the Middle Ages. Scholarship generally dates it to the 10th century, though earlier dates are also given.

  • Bernt Theorin

    Bernt Theorin

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