• Theodore of Tarsus

    Theodore of Tarsus (602 – 19 September 690) was Archbishop of Canterbury from 668 to 690. Theodore

  • São Paulo

    and entertainment. The name of the city honors the Apostle, Saint Paul of Tarsus. The city's metropolitan area

  • St. Theodore of Tarsus Hospital

    St. Theodore of Tarsus Mission Hospital, or simply St. Theodore's Hospital, is a missions hospital

  • São Paulo (state)

    Republic of Brazil and is named after Saint Paul of Tarsus. As the richest Brazilian state

  • Mersin Province

    is Tarsus, birthplace of St Paul. The province is part of Çukurova, a geographical, economical

  • Tarsus, Mersin

    Tarsus (; Hittite: Tarsa; Greek: Ταρσός Tarsós; Armenian: Տարսոն Tarson; Hebrew: תרשיש Ṭarśīś

  • Liberty Records

    Bennett as president and Theodore Keep as chief engineer. It was reactivated in 2001 in the United Kingdom and had two previous revivals.

  • Tarsus İdman Yurdu

    Tarsus İdman Yurdu is a Turkish sports club based in Tarsus. Founded in 1923, the football team

  • Adana

    km (16 mi) north-south; encompassing the cities of Mersin, Tarsus and Adana.

  • Theridiidae

    instead of woolly silk. They have a comb of serrated bristles (setae) on the tarsus of the fourth leg.

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