• Tapio Laukkanen

    Tapio Laukkanen (born 23 September 1969 in Lahti) is a Finnish rally driver.

  • Tapio

    Tapio may refer to

  • Mark Tapio Kines

    Mark Tapio Kines (born 1970 in Danvers, Massachusetts, U.S. ) is an American film director, writer, producer and owner of Los Angeles -based Cassava Films. Kines is perhaps best known for being the first filmmaker to employ crowdfunding to partially finance a film.

  • Tapio Luusua

    Tapio Luusua (born in Pelkosenniemi on August 4, 1981) is a Finnish freestyle skier. At the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships 2009 he received a silver medal in moguls and a bronze in dual moguls. He also competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics and competed for Finland at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  • Juha Tapio

    Juha Tapio

    Juha Leevi Antero Tapio (born 5 February 1974) is a Finnish singer, lyricist, composer and guitarist. His album Mitä silmät ei nää (2003) sold gold and the album Kaunis ihminen (2006) reached platinum. He is married to Raija Mattila, and together they have two sons, Mikael and Akseli.

  • Tapio Korjus

    Tapio Korjus

    Tapio Korjus (born 10 February 1961 in Vehkalahti) is a Finnish former javelin thrower.

  • Tapio (name)

    Tapio is a male given name common in Finland. The nameday is 18 June. As of January 2013 there were almost 140,000 people with this name in Finland. The name originates from the name of the Finnish god of forests, animals, and hunting. A common nickname for Tapio is Tapsa. It is listed by the Finnish Population Register Centre as one of the top 10 most popular male given names ever.

  • Petri Tapio Mattson

    Petri Tapio Mattson (born Haapajärvi, 1973) is a Finnish violinist and ensemble director specialized in Early music, and a violin maker.

  • Tapio Yli-Karro

    Tapio Yli-Karro (born 11 October 1953, Rauma ) is a Finnish former football referee. He was a FIFA listed international assistant referee from 1990 to 1998.

  • Tapio Nirkko

    Tapio Kalevi Nirkko (born 24 August 1984 in Espoo) is a Finnish sailor. He competed at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men's Finn class.

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