• Tango!

    Tango! may refer to:

  • ¡Tango!


    ¡Tango! is a 1933 Argentine musical romance film, the first film to be made in Argentina using optical sound technology (but not the first sound film.) Many existing stars of the Argentine stage and radio appeared in the film, but its success was limited due to poor sound quality and weak acting. ¡Tango! established a formula that would be used by many subsequent tango films.

  • En Vivo (Seleccion Nacional de Tango album)

  • Tango Bango

    Tango Bango

    Tango Bango is the second album of the Croatian rock band Aerodrom , released through Jugoton in 1981. The album introduces new drummer Branko Knežević instead of Paolo Sfeci, who joins Parni valjak . The band abandons almost all elements of progressive rock sound found on their debut album Kad misli mi vrludaju and enters the territory of then extremely popular new wave . This transformation brings them huge success, especially dance-rock "Stavi pravu stvar", power ballad "Tvoje lice" and ska / power pop "Dobro se zabavljaj", which were all released as singles.

  • Kuroneko no Tango

    "Kuroneko no Tango" (Japanese: 黒ネコのタンゴ "Black Cat Tango"; originally Italian: Volevo un gatto nero "I wanted a black cat") is a tango song recorded in 1969 by young children in Italy and Japan.

  • Whiskey tango foxtrot

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot may refer to:

  • Lame duck (tango)

    Lame duck (tango)

    The lame duck is a dance move in tango.

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