• Takeo Fukuda

    Takeo Fukuda

    Takeo Fukuda (福田 赳夫, Fukuda Takeo, 14 January 1905 – 5 July 1995) was a Japanese politician who was Prime Minister of Japan from 1976 to 1978.

  • Takeo

    Takeo may refer to:

  • Takeo Watanabe

    Takeo Watanabe (渡辺 岳夫, Watanabe Takeo, April 16, 1933 - June 2, 1989) was a Japanese musician and composer. In addition to composing the well known theme song for Cutie Honey he has also composed music for multiple anime television series and films including Lone Wolf and Cub , Candy Candy , and Mobile Suit Gundam .

  • Takeo Yano

    Takeo Yano, also known as Takeo Iano, was a Japanese judoka who helped in the establishment of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Brazil.

  • Takeo Nishioka

    Takeo Nishioka (西岡 武夫, Nishioka Takeo, February 12, 1936 – November 5, 2011) was a Japanese politician of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet (national legislature).

  • Takeo Kikuchi

    Takeo Kikuchi (菊池 武夫, Kikuchi Takeo, born May 25, 1939) is a famous Japanese industrial and fashion designer. He designs such things as spectacle frames and chronographs in addition to clothing.

  • Takeo Saeki

    Takeo Saeki

    Takeo Saeki (佐伯 剛雄, Saeki Takeo) is a fictional character appearing in the Ju-on film franchises and the husband of Kayako Saeki. Since his introduction up to The Grudge 3, he is portrayed by long-time veteran actor Takashi Matsuyama; he is the only Saeki family member not to be portrayed by multiple actors. However, Matsuyama was replaced by actor Yasuhito Hida for the 2014 Japanese reboot, Ju-on: Beginning of the End , and its sequel Ju-on: The Final Curse .

  • Takeo Kajiwara

    Takeo Kajiwara (梶原 武雄, Kajiwara Takeo, born February 25, 1923 in Sado, Niigata, Japan - died November 28, 2009) was a professional Go player.

  • Takeo Komatsu

    Takeo Komatsu (小松 太計雄, Komatsu Takeo, こまつ たけお, birth and death years unknown) was a renowned Japanese photographer active in the mid twentieth century.

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