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    Stephen Cole Kleene

    Stephen Cole Kleene (/ˈkleɪni/ KLAY-nee; January 5, 1909 – January 25, 1994) was an American mathematician. One of the students of Alonzo Church, Kleene, along with Rózsa Péter, Alan Turing, Emil Post, and others, is best known as a founder of the branch of mathematical logic known as recursion theory, which subsequently helped to provide the foundations of theoretical computer science. Kleene's work grounds the study of computable functions. A number of mathematical concepts are named after him: Kleene hierarchy, Kleene algebra, the Kleene star (Kleene closure), Kleene's recursion theorem and the Kleene fixpoint theorem. He also invented regular expressions, and made significant contributions to the foundations of mathematical intuitionism.

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    Stephen or Steven Cole may refer to:

  • Cole, Stephen

  • Stephen "Cole" Sammons

    Stephen "Cole" Sammons

    Stephen "Cole" Sammons is an American baseball player from Jackson, Tennessee who plays as a right-handed pitcher.

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