• Stan Gebler Davies

    Stanley Gebler Davies (Dublin, 16 July 1943 - Dalkey, Ireland, 23 June 1994) was an Irish journalist with the Irish Independent as well as with various British magazines (including Punch , The Evening Standard , The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator ). Of part-Polish and part-Jewish ancestry, Davies was known for his eccentric views and for his exceptional alcohol intake. In the late 1970s the Evening Standard printed his pithy, 50-word apercus among their longer items; he was also permitted to call Hans Keller a 'twat' on the letters pages of The Listener . As well as his writing (which included a book on James Joyce ), he engaged in political activity, having been a Unionist candidate for the constituency of Cork South-West, coming last with 134 votes. He died after a long battle with lung cancer.

  • Davies

    Davies is a patronymic Welsh surname. It may be a corruption of Dyfed, itself a corruption of Dési, colonists from south-east Ireland who occupied the old tribal area of the Demetae in south-west Wales in the late third century AD, establishing a dynasty which lasted five centuries. Dyfed is recorded as a surname as late as the 12th century for e.g. Gwynfard Dyfed, born in 1175. 'Dafydd' appears as a given name in the 13th Century, e.g. Dafydd ap Gruffydd (1238–1283), Prince of Wales, and Dafydd ab Edmwnd (fl. c. 1450–97), Welsh poet. The given name 'Dafydd' is generally translated into English as 'David'. Alternatively it may derive from David (a Hebrew name meaning "beloved"), the name of Wales's patron saint. In Wales Davies is standardly pronounced /ˈdeɪvɪs/ DAY-vis, that is, identically to Davis. This pronunciation is also used by many outside the United Kingdom, where it competes with the spelling pronunciation /ˈdeɪviːz/ DAY-veez, which is particularly common in the US.

  • Ayisha Davies

    Ayisha Davies is an Australian film producer. She is most famous for producing such films asCoffin Rock (2009) and The Bloody Sweet Hit (2007). Davies has been working within the Australian film industry for eight years and is currently working for Ultra Films. In addition, Davies previously worked in the realm of television, as a production secretary.

  • Diana Davies (actress)

    Diana Davies (born 20 July 1936 in Manchester, Lancashire ) is an English actress, best known for playing roles in two long-running ITV soap operas; Norma Ford in Coronation Street and Caroline Bates in Emmerdale Farm between 1984 and 1999.

  • Tim Davies (pop art artist)

    Tim Davies (pop art artist)

    Tim Davies (born 1959, Derbyshire, England) is a British pop art artist, currently living in Hanover, Germany. He is known for intensely colorful drawings nearly always depicting figures and often are related to music or dance. He designed CD covers for musicians like Al Di Meola, Robert Plant and Pink Floyd.

  • Peter Ho Davies

    Peter Ho Davies (born 30 August 1966) is a contemporary British writer of Welsh and Chinese descent.

  • Adrian Davies

    Adrian Davies (born 9 February 1969 in Bridgend) is a former Wales international rugby union player. A fly-half, he played for Wales in the 1991 and 1995 Rugby World Cup finals.

  • Sister Mary Ignatius Davies

    Sister Mary Ignatius Davies (18 November 1921−9 February 2003) was a Sister of Mercy and inspirational music teacher known for her work at the Alpha Boys School.

  • Wyre Davies

    Wyre Davies is a Welsh journalist, and South America correspondent for BBC News. He speaks fluent Welsh and Spanish.

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