• William Stafford

    William Stafford may refer to:

  • Stafford, William

  • William Stafford (conspirator)

    William Stafford (1554–1612) was an English courtier and conspirator.

  • William Stafford Anderson

    William Stafford Anderson (born February 16, 1889) was a lumberman and political figure in New Brunswick, Canada. He represented Northumberland County in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1930 to 1956 as a Liberal member.

  • William Stafford (MP)

    William Stafford (1627–1665) of Blatherwycke, Northamptonshire was an English politician.

  • William Stafford (author)

    William Stafford (1593–1684), was born in Norfolk, England and was an English landowner. He was the son of the conspirator William Stafford and his wife Anne Gryme.

  • William Stafford, 4th Earl of Stafford

    William Stafford, 4th Earl of Stafford (21 September 1375 – 6 April 1395) was an English noble in the fourteenth century. He was the third son of Hugh Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford (c. 1344 – 16 October 1386); Hugh's second son Thomas inherited the earldom in 1390. He died in 1392, still childless, and the title passed to William. He was still a minor, however, in the wardship of Thomas, Duke of Gloucester, his dead brother's father-in-law, and the Stafford estates were administered by a ' group of senior officials and lawyers.' He was still so when he died on 6 April 1395 in Pleshey, Essex of natural causes. He was interred in Tonbridge, Kent. William also dying childless, the Stafford earldom descended to the next brother, Edmund, who became the fifth earl.

  • William Stafford, lord Chebsey

  • William Stafford (1627-1665)

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