• Osanyin staff

    Osanyin staff

    Yoruba herbalists and priests enlist the aid of Osanyin, the spirit of herbal medicines, or Opa Erinle, in their work against mental and physical illness caused by malevolent forces and individuals. The Yoruba believe the power of Osanyin is vested in a wrought iron staff, called an Osanyin staff, that is placed on altars to this Orisha.

  • Joint Staff Headquarters (Pakistan)

    The Joint Staff Headquarters (reporting name:JS HQ), is the joint-field operations secretariat and principal headquarters of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee established after Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 in Rawalpindi. It is situated next to the General Headquarters of the Pakistan Army. The JS HQ served as the principle headquarters of Pakistan Armed Forces and concerned authorities relating the defence and strategic developments.

  • Grey Stafford

    Dr. Grey Stafford is an animal trainer, zoologist, educator, and currently the Director of Conservation at the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also a spokesperson for the zoo and aquarium industry and has been featured on nationally televised programs.

  • Royal Staff

    The royal staff or Than Phra Kon (Thai: ธารพระกร) is one of the five royal regalia of the King of Thailand. The staff is made of cassia wood and enclosed at both ends in gold. It has a length of 118 cm (46 in). One end has a knob and there are three tines at the foot. The royal staff is used as a symbol of regal authority as in other cultures around the world, and is associated in Thailand with the guiding of the king's footsteps down the path of justice and equity.

  • Diageo Staff Association

    The Diageo Staff Association was a small trade union in the United Kingdom.

  • Peter Stafford (field hockey)

    Peter Stafford (born 30 May 1978 in Christchurch, New Zealand) is a field hockey player from New Zealand. He won the silver medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in the men's team competition.

  • McGlinchey Stafford

    McGlinchey Stafford is an American law firm focusing on corporate defense litigation. Headquartered in New Orleans, the firm employs more than 170 lawyers and has offices in 14 cities in nine states plus the District of Columbia.

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