• Srečko Kosovel

    Srečko Kosovel

    Srečko Kosovel (pronunciation ) (18 March 1904 – 26 May 1926) was a Slovenian poet, now considered one of central Europe's major modernist poets. He was labeled an impressionistic poet of his native Karst region, a political poet resisting forced Italianization of the Slovene areas annexed by Italy, an expressionist, a dadaist, a satirist, and as a voice of international socialism, using avant-garde constructivist forms. He is now considered a Slovenian poetic icon.

  • Srečko

  • Srećko

    Srećko (Serbian: Срећко) or Srečko is a South Slavic masculine given name. It is a Slavic form of Felix. The name may refer to:

  • Srećko Pejović

    Srećko Pejović (Serbian Cyrillic: Срећко Пејовић; born 5 July 1953), is a Serbian sport shooter who competed for Yugoslavia at the 1976, 1980 and 1988 Olympic Games. He achieved the best result in 1976 when he finished fourth in 50 m Rifle - Three positions.

  • Srecko Horvat

  • Srećko Puntarić

    Srećko Puntarić is a Croatian cartoonist. He is best known for his regular comic "Felix" in the Croatian daily Večernji list , but has had his comic strips published in nearly every Croatian newspaper.

  • Srećko Ilić

    Srećko Ilić (born 2 October 1966 in Sarajevo) is a former Yugoslav football player. Ilić played for Željezničar Sarajevo and later, after the war broke, he emigrated to Slovenia where he played for several clubs.

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