• Simon van Slingelandt

    Simon van Slingelandt, lord of the manor of Patijnenburg (14 January 1664, Dordrecht – 1 December 1736, The Hague ) was Grand Pensionary of Holland from 17 July 1727 to 1 December 1736.

  • Simon Van Booy

    Simon Van Booy

    Simon Van Booy surprises audiences on the way to delighting and uplifting them. He motivates young people to appreciate the freedom of youth, and corporate worker bees to value the competitive value of daydreaming. Van Booy, raised in Wales, is the author of "The Secret Lives of People in Love," "Love Begins in Winter" (winner of the Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award) and the novel "Everything Beautiful Began After."

  • Simon Van Booy

    Simon Van Booy

    Simon Van Booy is an Anglo-American writer, currently living in the United States. His short story collection, Love Begins in Winter, won the 2009 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award.

  • Simon van Velthooven

    Simon van Velthooven

    Simon Paul van Velthooven (born 8 December 1988) is a New Zealand track racing cyclist and America's Cup sailor.

  • Simon van Zeelst

    Simon van Zeelst (born 23 February 1994, Hedel) is a Dutch footballer who plays as a midfielder for JVC Cuijk in the Dutch Topklasse.

  • Simon van Poelgeest

    Simon van Poelgeest (27 August 1900 – 9 July 1978) was a Dutch cyclist. He competed in the team pursuit at the 1924 Summer Olympics.

  • Simon van den Bergh

    Simon van den Bergh (October 26, 1819 in Geffen – April 6, 1907 in Rotterdam ) was a Dutch businessperson. He founded a margarine factory in the Netherlands that became world-famous.

  • Simon van Groenewegen van der Made

    Simon van Groenewegen van der Made (1613, Delft – 5 July 1652, Delft) was a Dutch jurist.

  • Simon van Geet

    Simon van Geet (born 30 May 2000 in Belgium) is a professional footballer and a national of Belgium.

  • Simon van Duivenbooden

    Simon van Duivenbooden (born 11 May 2002 in Uithoorn, Netherlands) is a professional footballer and a national of Netherlands.

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