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  • Simon Bradstreet

    Simon Bradstreet

    Simon Bradstreet (baptized March 18, 1603/4 – March 27, 1697) was a colonial magistrate, businessman, diplomat, and the last governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Arriving in Massachusetts on the Winthrop Fleet in 1630, Bradstreet was almost constantly involved in the politics of the colony but became its governor only in 1679. He served on diplomatic missions and as agent to the crown in London, and also served as a commissioner to the New England Confederation. He was politically comparatively moderate, arguing minority positions in favor of freedom of speech and for accommodation of the demands of King Charles II following his restoration to the throne.

  • Simon Bradstreet (disambiguation)

    Simon Bradstreet was a 17th-century colonial governor of Massachusetts.

  • Simon Bradstreet House

    Simon Bradstreet House

    The Simon Bradstreet House is a historic house built in 1738 located at 1 Mechanic Street, at the corner of Pearl Street, in Marblehead, Massachusetts. It is a contributing building in the National Register of Historic Places -listed Marblehead Historic District. The house was erected by the Rev. Simon Bradstreet, the great grandson of the last bay colony governor. and the second minister of the Second Congregational Church.

  • Simon Bradstreet Robie

    Simon Bradstreet Robie (1770 – January 3, 1858) was a lawyer, judge and political figure in Nova Scotia. He represented Truro Township from 1799 to 1806 and Halifax County from 1806 to 1826 in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

  • Šimon

    Šimon (Old Norse: Sigmundr) was a Varangian (Viking ) whose story is related in the Kievan Patericon and his story concerns the creation of the Kievan cave monastery, where he is reported to have been its most important donor.

  • Șimon

  • Simón Bolívar University

    Simón Bolívar University

    The Simón Bolívar University (Universidad Simón Bolívar in Spanish) or USB, is a public institution located in Miranda State, Venezuela with scientific and technological orientation. The Simón Bolívar University is the most prestigious science and technology university in the country and one of the most important ones in South America. It is the most selective higher education school in the country admitting only the 95th percentile of its standardized admission test.

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