• Shintaro Abe

    Shintaro Abe

    Shintaro Abe (安倍 晋太郎, Abe Shintarō, 29 April 1924 – 15 May 1991) was a Japanese politician from Yamaguchi Prefecture. He was a leading member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). He served as foreign minister from 1982 to 1986.

  • Abe Shintarô

  • Shintarô Abe

  • Shintarō

    Shintarō is any of several Japanese male given names. They consist of a prefix followed by "tarō", which alone is a name common among first sons. Prefixes carry additional meaning, such as "new"; many of these can stand alone as a given name.

  • Shintarô

  • Shintaro Kago

    Shintaro Kago

    Shintaro Kago (駕籠 真太郎, Kago Shintarō, born 1969), is a Japanese guro manga artist. He debuted in 1988 on the magazine COMIC BOX.

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