• Sheryfa Luna

    Sheryfa Luna

    Sheryfa Luna (born Chérifa Babouche; 25 January 1989) is a French R&B singer born to an Algerian father and a French mother.

  • Sherifa Zuhur

    Sherifa D. Zuhur (born August 31, 1953) is an academic and national security scholar of the Middle East and Islamic world.

  • Sherifa Jameson

    Sherifa Jameson

    Sherifa Jameson (born 23 December 1996) is a Surinamese female badminton player.

  • Sherifa (horse)

    Sherifa is a racing horse. She was sired by Monsun with Shona as the dam.

  • Zuhur, Sherifa

  • Sherifa Gunu

    Sherifa Gunu

    Sherifa Gunu is a Ghanaian soul musician.

  • Sherf

    Sherf can be;

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