• Sheila Young

    Sheila Young

    Sheila Grace Young-Ochowicz (born 14 October 1950) is a retired American speed skater and track cyclist. She won three world titles in each of these sports, twice in the same year (in 1973 and 1976). In 1976, she also became the first American athlete to win three medals at one Winter Olympics.

  • Elli Ochowicz

    Elli Ochowicz

    Elizabeth Kristine "Elli" Ochowicz (born December 15, 1983) is an Olympic speed skater who has competed in the three Winter Olympics.

  • Jim Ochowicz

    Jim Ochowicz

    Jim Ochowicz (born December 23, 1951) is a former bicyclist and manager of UCI WorldTeam CCC Team. He served as president of the USA Cycling Board of Directors from 2002–2006.

  • Leon Tochowicz

    Leon Tochowicz (18 July 1897 – 29 July 1965) was a Polish internist and cardiologist.

  • Adam Orłowicz

    Adam Orłowicz (born 6 May 1986 in Ozimek, Poland) is a professional footballer and a national of Poland.

  • Mateusz Sochowicz

    Mateusz Sochowicz (born 28 February 1996) is a Polish luger. He competed in the men's singles event at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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