• Shapour Bakhtiar

    Shapour Bakhtiar

    Shapour Bakhtiar (Persian: شاپور بختیار‎ Listen ; 26 June 1914 – 6 August 1991) was an Iranian politician who served as the last Prime Minister of Iran under the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He and his secretary were murdered in his home in Suresnes, near Paris by agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Shapour Bonyad

    Shahpour Bonyad (1947, Shiraz - 2000, Shiraz ) was an Iranian poet.

  • Inscription of Shapour II and Shapour III in Taq-e Bostan

    The inscriptions of Shapur II and Shapur III at Taq-e Bostan, are located about 5 kilometers away from the northeast of Kermanshah and date to the Sasanian era. The inscription shows Shapur II on the right and Shapur III on the left. Two inscriptions in Middle Persian are etched on both sides. The inscriptions contain their names and their lineages. The inscription of Shapur II contains 9 lines and the inscription of Shapur III contains 13 lines.

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