• Sethus Calvisius

    Sethus Calvisius or Setho Calvisio, originally Seth Kalwitz (21 February 1556 – 24 November 1615), was a German music theorist, composer, chronologer, astronomer, and teacher of the late Renaissance.

  • Zethus

    Zethus may refer to:

  • Ernestas Šetkus

    Ernestas Šetkus

    Ernestas Šetkus (born 25 May 1985) is a Lithuanian football goalkeeper who currently plays for Hapoel Be'er Sheva in the Israeli Premier League. He also has 26 caps for the Lithuania national team.

  • List of Zethus species

    This is a Zethus.

  • Pseudosphex zethus

    Pseudosphex zethus is a moth of the subfamily Arctiinae. It was described by Jacob Hübner in 1827. It is found in Pará, Brazil.

  • Phidippus zethus

    Phidippus zethus is a species of jumping spider (Salticidae) native to Mexico.

  • Zethus (wasp)

    Zethus (wasp)

    Zethus is a very large, mainly neotropical genus of potter wasps with some species representation also in the Nearctic, Afrotropical, Australian and Indomalayan regions.

  • Zethus carpenteri

    Zethus carpenteri is a potter wasp in the family Vespidae, subfamily Eumeninae native to Venezuela.

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