• Sehba Akhtar

    Sehba Akhtar (30 September 1931 – 19 February 1996) was a poet and a film songwriter in Pakistan.

  • Sehba Sarwar

    Sehba Sarwar is the author of Black Wings (2004).

  • Sehba Hussain

    Sehba Hussain is an Indian social activist. She is the co-founder and honorary treasurer of Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA) in Lucknow. and founding Board member and Executive Director of Lucknow-based, BETI (Better Education Through Innovation) Foundation, established in 2000.

  • Sheba son of Bichri

    In the Old Testament, Sheba was a Benjaminite leader who revolted against King David, recounted in 2 Samuel.

  • Sheba Deireragea

    Sheba Deireragea (born 28 May 1986) is a Nauruan weightlifter. In 2006 her mother Marjorie was listed as her influence and weightlifter Marcus Stephen as her "sports idol." Sheba Deireragea won three bronze medals for Nauru at the 2002 Commonwealth Games and also won a silver medal for Nauru at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

  • Ray Wehba

    Raymond E. Wehba (16 August 1916 – 2 June 2003) was a player in the National Football League. He first played with the Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1943 NFL season before playing with the Green Bay Packers during the 1944 NFL season.

  • Chaim Sheba

    Chaim Sheba (Hebrew: חיים שיבא‎; born 1908, died 10 July 1971) was an Israeli physician, notable for being the founder of Sheba Medical Center.

  • 1196 Sheba

    1196 Sheba, provisional designation 1931 KE, is a metallic asteroid from the middle region of the asteroid belt, approximately 25 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 21 May 1931 by astronomer Cyril Jackson at Johannesburg Observatory, South Africa.

  • Come Back, Little Sheba

    Come Back, Little Sheba may refer to:

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