• Sarah Louise Rung

    Sarah Louise Rung

    Sarah Louise Rung (born in Stavanger on 8 October 1989) is a Paralympic swimmer of Norway. She became a wheelchair user after a back surgery in 2008. She won two gold medals and two silver medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London. She also has several medals from both World- and European Championships. 2012 Summer Paralympics.

  • Sarah Louise Mathew

    Sarah Louise Mathew (c. 1805? – 14 December 1890) was a New Zealand diarist. She was born in London, England. Her husband, Felton Mathew, was New Zealand's first Surveyor General.

  • Sarah Louise Judd

    Sarah Louise Judd (June 26, 1802 – October 11, 1881) was the first commercial photographer in Minnesota. She also established the first schools in the area of Stillwater, Minnesota.

  • Sarah Louise Jackson

  • Sarah Louise Catherwood

  • Sarah Louise

    Sarah Louise

    Sarah Louise (born on 12 December 1982 in England) is a English pornographic actress.

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