• Samuel Weems

    Samuel A. Weems (December 12, 1936 – January 25, 2003) was the writer of the book Armenia: The Secrets of a "Christian" Terrorist State and a disbarred Arkansas lawyer from Hazen, Arkansas. He was disbarred while holding the office of prosecuting attorney for mixing his clients' money with his own. A year later he was convicted of arson and conspiring to defraud an insurance firm, but wasn't immediately removed from the office, despite the disbarment decision. He died of a heart attack on January 25, 2003. He was best known for his advocacy of, and contribution to, the denial of the Armenian Genocide. He unsuccessfully ran for the position of mayor of the very small town of Hazen in 1994 and 1998.

  • Samuel Eto'o

    Samuel Eto'o

    Samuel Eto'o Fils (French pronunciation: ​[samɥɛl eto fis]; born 10 March 1981) is a Cameroonian retired professional footballer who was played as a striker. In his prime, Eto'o was regarded by pundits as one of the best strikers in the world, and he is regarded as one of the greatest African players of all time, winning the African Player of the Year a record four times: in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2010.

  • Samuel Popkin

    Samuel Popkin

    Popkin has published in unusually diverse areas. His most recent book is The Candidate: What it Takes to Win (and Hold) the White House. Earlier he authored The Reasoning Voter: Communication and Persuasion in Presidential Campaigns; co-authored Issues and Strategies: The Computer Simulation of Presidential Campaigns; and he co-edited Chief of Staff: Twenty-Five Years of Managing the Presidency. He is equally well known for his work on peasant society, with particular reference to East and Southeast Asia, includingThe Rational Peasant: The Political Economy of Rural Society in Vietnam. Popkin has additionally been a consulting analyst in presidential campaigns, serving as consultant to the Clinton campaign on polling and strategy, to the CBS News election units from 1983 to 1990 on survey design and analysis, and more recently to the Gore campaign. He has additionally served as consultant to political parties in Canada and Europe and to the Departments of State and Defense. His current research focuses on presidential campaigns and the relationship of public opinion to foreign policy.

  • David Samuel

    David Samuel may refer to:

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