• Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee may refer to:

  • Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee is an American soccer player from Madison, Alabama who plays as a goalkeeper for the Beachside SC soccer team.

  • Lee, Samuel

  • Samuel Lee (linguist)

    Samuel Lee (14 May 1783 – 16 December 1852) was an English Orientalist, born in Shropshire; professor at Cambridge, first of Arabic and then of Hebrew language; was the author of a Hebrew grammar and lexicon, and a translation of the Book of Job .

  • Lee Samuel Finn

    Lee Samuel Finn is an American astrophysicist working at the Pennsylvania State University. His research interests are in gravitational wave astronomy.

  • Samuel Lee (minister)

    Samuel Lee (1625–1691) was an English Puritan academic and minister, late in life in New England.

  • Samuel Lee (American minister)

    Samuel Lee (March 18, 1803 – August 27, 1881) was an American minister, author, and state legislator.

  • Samuel Lee Kountz

  • Samuel Lee Kountz, Jr.

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